What is Group Discussion?

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In a Group Discussion, candidates are divided into groups of 8 to 12 members.  These groups are tested by a panel of judges.

Companies conduct Group Discussion to screen the best suitable candidate or select the prospective candidate ideal to meet their job profile need.

  • GD is one of the methods to assess the candidates abilities, skills, traits for selecting the impeccable candidates,
  • companies conduct Group discussions among the candidates to check skills suitable for the job.
  • In a group discussion there are 8 to 12 numbers of participant.
  • A topic is given for the discussion and all the participants discuss in a friendly manner.
  • The time limit for GD is 20 to 40 minutes.
  • The topic given for the GD may be related to technology, Business, social, political, or may be from law related topics.
  • Abstract topics also like good vs evil, red in not red enough etc.

Once the topic is shared among the group each group members has to speak their point of view on the assigned group discussion topic.

During the discussion the panel of judges observe and spot candidates who can perform under pressure.

The participants who start the GD has to conclude the GD by presenting the point of view agreed by all the members.

For example currently the world is undergoing a pandemic.  It may be possible that you get this topic in group discussion.

Or the topic may be “Global recession due to pandemic”, or

It may be given to you as “how to take preventive measures at work place to maintain social distancing”.

The total duration or time limit of group discussion is 20 to 30 minutes. 

During this time the observer or examiner will observe your skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, listening skills, managing skills, and abilities of each and every members.

Benefits of GD (Group Discussion)

  • GD process helps to discover the true personality of the participants. 
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of each participant.
  • Identify the leadership strengths of each participant.
  • Identify the communications skills, academic knowledge, team
  • work as well as general knowledge.

Candidates are evaluated based on

  • Communication skills,
  • Speaking skills,
  • Personal appearance,
  • Body language,
  • Patience,
  • Presentation skills,
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Knowledge skills
  • A candidate must have comprehensive knowledge about the current issues related to World, Country, and State or related to that company where the GD is organized.

Group discussion tricks

How to crack the group discussion

#Method 1:

“find the keyword from the given topic”

Lets say the GD topic is “Preventive measures during Pandemic”

Now if you read the topic Preventive Measures during pandemic” 

pandemic, preventive, measures, are the keywords

Now connect the significance of each word by explaining the impact on various categories

  • What is the impact of pandemic socially.
  • How the government has taken preventive steps to less spread the pandemic
  • How the global recession occur due to pandemic

or world economics, individual human being, and then explain what are the preventive measures can be taken to less spread of pandemics.

When you explain your point of view give supporting data also.

(You can check the link in the description on  where I have explained each topics in detail)

#Method 2

Another way to crack the GD is the point of view of the affected

For example “Women harassment in work place”  in this topic, who is the affected  parties, women, the role of management, HR department rules and guidelines for the safety at work etc.

#Method 3

 Lets say we got the topic of “online selling affects local shops”

Let us analyse this topic from the point of view

  • Socially- how customers support for local shops on human grounds
  • Political: what would be the government role in supporting local vendors
  • does it aid in the economy in generating more customers
  • what are the legal complications like FDI, tax, labour laws etc
  • Technology, efficient delivery of products within the stipulated time, storage issues, supplies etc.

So it depends on you how to express your point of view and analyse the topic and express in your way.

Do’s of the GD

  • The GD starts when the examiner announces the topic. 
  • Your voice tone, pitch and volume must be adequate neither too high nor too low.
  • Understand the point of view of the topic and present his point of view with appropriateness.
  • Always support your point with suitable reasoning.
  • Listen to other participants carefully and if possible note down the key points and the name of the participant, which you can use further while adding giving reference.
  • You must speak logically with the flow and also validate your point of view (POV) with an example.
  • GD participant must remembers one key point, must always keep his expressions pleasant.
  • At least try to speak within the time of the GD.
  • Be confident and speak with assurance

Don’ts of GD

  • Don’t be shy or show your numbness in the GD.
  • Don’t interrupt the participants in between.
  • Don’t make fun of any participant.
  • Don’t repeat any other participant statement or point of view.

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