The ultimate guide for interview preparation

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Before you attend an interview.  You must prepare yourself to outstand in the interview.  In this post, I will show you 5 steps ultimate guide for interview preparation.  In the end, I will show you bonus interview preparation tips

Your Resume ready for interview

Before sending your resume to the employer.  You must cross-check your resume.  Details such as

  1. academic qualification
  2. technical qualification
  3. internship details include short and very specific  project details.  Also mention your roles and responsibilities during the internship.  Problems you solved during your internship.
  4. projects you completed in college

you also have to select the latest resume format.  The best way to find the latest resume is to visit Google and search for “latest resume format”

Pre interview preparation

You must practice your introduction pitch. To do this, you have to rehearse for the interview at your home in front of the mirror.  You must also check your expression while you rehearse for the interview.

Search new or simple vocabulary to create the first impression.  To do that you can do one thing, visit or, and search for” impressive words”. 

Write all those words in a notebook.  Then practice your introduction pitch and use the new words you searched from google search.

This will create a better first impression in front of the interviewer.  Even if you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you can handle difficult questions by using simple impressive word vocabulary.

Stopover at the interview Location

Visiting the interview location a week before will help you to acclimatize the surrounding of the venue.  Try to visit the interview location around lunchtime and or in the evening time. 

During lunchtime, most of the employees come out of the premises.  And this is the best time to listen to their conversation by standing around.

 You will be able to collect vital information about the company.  Information about various incidences that happened, new activities, upcoming events, and even the mistakes management or top manager are doing. 

Eventually, you will learn a lot of information, ins and outs of the company.  You will get to know information about happening inside the company and much more information that will help you to face your interview with much more confidence.

Getting ready for an interview

  • Do your grooming. 
  • The first thing you must do is prepare your formal clothes. 
  • Get your hair tripped to get professional look.
  • If you have beard, get it trimmed or aligned to get professional look.
  • Do lot of rehearsal in front of the mirror.  See yourself in the mirror and start asking questions that the interviewer might ask you in the interview. Then answer the questions and rectify errors in your answer.  Repeat this step till you answer all the questions perfectly
  • Search information about the company in Google search

The Internet has made our life easy.  You can search all the details about the company in google search.

  1. Check the review about the company in google review.  You will get to know about the company and how they manage their customers through google reviews.
  2. Visit the official website of the company.
  3. Check the latest updates, blog post,
  4. Check the about us section on the official website
  5. Check the product section of the company.  Try to read and note keywords or technical words used while describing about the product description.
  6. Read and try to memories the company’s quality policy, mission statement, vision statement.

Bonus Tips !

Job Description details.

  1. Read the job description for which you are preparing for the interview.
  2. Highlight the keywords used in the job description
  3. Try to insert the relevant keyword in your resume.
  4. Understand the role and responsibilities that you are going to handle after you got selected in the company.
  5. Prepare the first action plan you are going to take after joining.  The interviewer may ask you during the interview “What are the steps you will take after joining”.  So prepare this question.
  6. And the most important one: prepare your best answer for the first question that is “Tell me something about yourself”.  I have already written a detail blog post on this question.  If you want to read you can read by using the below link.

Must read :  How to answer the first question tell me about yourself


To conclude, you must be ready always. Never know when the opportunity strikes.  Please share your suggestions in the comment below. 

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