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Career guidance and planning

In today’s world students are much confused and misguided in the field of career guide and professional development. Proper guidance can open many paths and options for students in the career field, so career guidance is much important and highly recommended for students. choosing the right career option and path that matches with the student’s interests, strengths, weaknesses and personality make a person ready for future struggle.

An individual faces variety of career challenges on a day-to-day basis… in schools, colleges and job places, students may face problems with

  • career changes
  • redundancy
  • resuming work after occupational break
  • or break due to incident or accident
  • personal development
  • professional development establishing or
  • setting up any business

Due to confusion and misguidance, people often choose a career path that is not fit for them and went for dissatisfaction from their career path. Being confused may lead you to wrong decision making, and can put you in lifelong regret. In whole career or life span, people face billions of questions and confusions, during this confusion and misguidance people made wrong decisions and then lives in regret for whole life.

Making the right career decision at the right time makes a lot of difference. To come over from these kinds of issues and hindrances one should go for proper planning and guidance.

We all know that planning is something that we all should do before committing any work or stuff for its proper and fulfilled result, you can get a positive outcome if you go for proper planning before making any decision or committing any work.

Same or similar should be done with your career, that is career planning.

Career planning

  • A self-evaluation that is done by a person to have fixed and strong career path.
    • Career planning is the conditions process that helps you to do self-analysis.
    • helps you to set your career goals
    • Helps you to choose an appropriate path, so that you won’t face regret in future.

Where you see yourself in next 5 years???

It’s a question that every person face in their whole life span, at least once. Most of the time when a person is asked this question student or interviewee is unanswerable.

A person only can answer this question when he/she have plans when he/she have planned career future or at least have plans for the next five years so that you can spend your time smoothly. Career planning, it’s a process including steps that enables you to straighten your mind and can help you to reach wherever you want to reach in life, professionally. You can explore vast career options when you have plans.

According to experts – Plan you Career!

According to Schermerhorn Hert and Osborn, ‘career planning is a person of systematically matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunities.’

Career planning helps an individual to make strategies for work-life balance, improves your decision-making ability. Career planning discourages the negative attitude of superiors who are interested its suppressing the growth of their subordinates.

For proper career planning, f you need to do self-assessment on their skills, ability, capability area of interest etc. then work on research on career, objectives, improve skills, job research and continue with revising career goals.


                       -SELF ASSESSMENT

                                -RESEARCH ON CAREER

                                -SET CAREER OBJECTIVES

                                -IMPROVE SKILLS

                                -PREPARE CV

                                -SEARCH JOBS

                                -REVISE CAREER GOALS

Planning is an important part of life for each one of us, without planning you wouldn’t be in any condition to face any kind of crises in life, it could be friendly also. We need proper plans for proper settlement in life, in career fields.

Apart from planning you need proper guidance too. A guide is a person who is more knowledgeable and much experienced than you are. A guide helps you to choose an appropriate path and widen up your career options. That guide saves you from regret, which would make you feel like hell when you choose the wrong path in your career and spoil your whole career.

Without proper guidance, you can’t plan your career, cannot do future planning in a proper manner. As the education system is expanding day to day, vacant jobs and new opportunities one changing the way individual make their career choices.

Casually and normally students or job person relies on their family, friends and colleagues for advice and career guidance, which most of the time they end up in the career they do not see a successful future.

 Career guidance

  • Well! Career guidance experts can help you in making right career decision for your life.
  • Basically, guidance is a process that helps the school students and college students to make adequate choice for future planning.
  • The process of career guidance for students helps them to choose appropriate path and also helps to identify their own interest many times, helps them to achieve their goals.

Career guidance

You may have heard about career counselling too, a bit similar to career guidance but at the same point different from each other.

career guidance is something that gives you assistance individually and provides guidance for leading and setting up a course of action. On the other hand, career counselling does not vary too much from guidance, it’s a process that helps a person knowing and understanding themselves through assessment tests. You can go for career counselling in 10th and 12th standards, in fact, it is recommended to take career counselling at this stage because it’s not too delayed for making decisions or choosing a career path, but career guidance is something, you can go for it in any point of life.

 We all know that career is a very significant part of our lives and if you are taking any kind of step in this field or taking you to step back, you surely should be more attentive. Career planning under the eye of an experienced and knowledgeable guide sets up a strong foundation for the future.

Role of career counsellor and guidance

  1. With the best career counselling or guidance programme, a person becomes well equipped with the information on fingertips and can made suitable and appropriate choices for their career.
  • Each one of us wants a best outcome in our educational sector, also people working on it meticulously to improve their achievement and result, career guidance isn’t much popular in India, but slowly and gradually it is changing now.
  • Schools and colleges are giving theoretical knowledge to students, there’s lack in providing knowledge and guidance and how could they come over from any kind of failure.
  • There’s much difference between way of thinking of youngsters and their parents which most of the time leads them to clashes and breakdowns, career advisers respect your and your parent’s decisions and thinking and suggests you and optimal middle path, it’s a person who also understands human behaviour it’s a best way for both children and parents as well to make right decision.
  •  Career guides are much aware about all the opportunities who keeps them updated with all the current affairs and required knowledge, they break all the hindrance of mind and introduce you to all the opportunities available in market.

Summing up everything which you have read above it concludes that you need to be much attentive while making a decision, and its for both children and parents so that mutual and perfect decision for a career could be made.

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