Training and development interview questions answers

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We all have the fear of interview.  Even if you are a fresher or an experienced professional.  You might have also faced the fear of interview.  In this post I am sharing with you some of the common interview questions answers with sample answers asked during the training and development manager interview.  These question will help you in your interview preparation questions and answers.

The job responsibility of a training and development manager involves identifying employees training needs.  Creating training programmers to meet the organizational goals.  Implement and organize various in-house skill development training to increase productivity, employee efficiency.

So, training and development manager are usually asked open questions.  Sometimes the interviewer asks situational questions to know the work experience of the interviewee.  Therefore, the l&d manager has to answer appropriately during the interview.

The interviewer also wants to understand the candidate’s communication skills, presentation skills, and soft skill attributes.

I present here l&d manager interview questions and answers related to the key areas to assess the ideal candidate.

Q1. What do you understand by training?

Ans.   Training is a consistent learning process to acquire knowledge, improve efficiency, productivity, and enhance individual performance, professional performance.  Training also helps to improve individual behavioural skills, communication skills, team skills to shine in their respective job.

Every company wants its employee to be well trained.  That will increase productivity, reduce man-hour loss, as well improve the quality of life for employees as well.

Therefore training is given to each employee to improve individual skills, professional skills.  A well trained and highly skilled employee does the job perfectly. 

Once an employee is hired, he/she undergoes rigorous induction training, followed by technical and process training to be given at the time of joining.  The training is in line with the job description so that the new employee gets well prepared in advance.

Q2. How will you define the objective of the L & D Department?

Ans. The main objective of the L & D department is to identify the training needs. Arrange training programmes to fill the gap to meet organization goals. Perform training need assessment for each department.

Q3. What are training methods did you use while imparting training?

Ans. This is a practical question, here the interviewer wants to know about your practical approach.  How you take initiative in implementing various training methods.

Mostly On job training method is used.  As this is the most efficient, cost-effective method and easy to train a new employee.  Learning while working.

Q4. As a Training Manager, how will you evaluate training in our company?

Training is a continuous process.  The first thing I would do is evaluate the training needs for each department, individual training needs assessment based on quarterly performance appraisals.

Further designing the training programme to be imparted.

  1.  A feedback form to be collected after the training.
  2. Feedback of employees from the concerned department head to evaluate and analyse the effectiveness, implementation of skills learnt during the training.
  3. Periodical checking the employees skills through surveys to analyse the ROI and monetary business growth

Q5. How will you differentiate between Training & development?

Training means upskill employees in an organization with new set of skills required to obtain the desired results.  After the training is given to employees as a result their work efficiency increases, productivity increases once they learn new skills, knowledge help employees to increase their performance. 

In an organization, training is given mostly to new employees in the form of orientation, where the employees learn his roles and responsibilities.  After learning, employees perform his tasks easily achieve performance excellence.

While on the other hand, development is a continuous process.  Development focus on the large goals for a long term results.  Mostly develop an employee to handle critical situations efficiently.

In simple terms training can be defined as an event where the participant learn skills, enhance skills, upgrade his knowledge, to improve performance.

In simple term development can be defined as a process where the participant / employee continuously face the critical situation and get the desired results.

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