Top 8 skills that will benefit for self-improvement

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Self-improvement is a journey and not a destination.  So once you have decided to improve yourself.  These 8 tips will guide you in your self-improvement journey.

Create your goals

the first step you must do is to create your purpose.  Ask yourself these question. Why you want to improve yourself? What you will benefit? 

First create Short term goals which should be somewhere between 2 to 5 years. Because the technology is changing very fast and you may need to alter your short term goals to align with your long term goals.

Self-Discipline yourself

You must be aware about your goals.  You must plan all your actions to make yourself discipline to achieve faster results. As you have already created your short term goals.  Now you have to plan your daily activity in a disciplined way to may yourself successful.

Self-discipline means you must not be lazy in your actions, with full determination and will power you are a self-motivate yourself. The best example of self-discipline is managing your time wisely (Time management).

Positive thinking

Your brain is like a magnet.  If you think positive, you will start attracting positive thought.  With positive thinking you will always see the bright side of your goals. 

Physical Exercise

Plan a regular schedule for yourself a dose of physical workout at least 30 minutes. You can select a game or do running or walking.  This will not only boost your energy but also helps you in creating positive thinking and reduce the stress level.


you must practice thankfulness every time good happens in your life.  As you practice gratitude you will start receiving good things.  It is amazing fact, once you practice thankfulness, you will feel very happy inside you. 


Meditation reduces your stress level, increase your thinking strength, boost your memory and generate happiness within yourself. Meditation also increase your concentration level which will helps you in your maintaining continuous focus on your goals.

Train and Learn everyday

you must study daily for at least 30 minutes about the subject of your interest or relevant subject, information or blogs which share insights.  This will give you more confidence on increase your knowledge.

Organize your daily task

Make a “to do list” which must include the time of completion of each task for a single day.  Mostly we all maintain a daily task list but forget to check at the end of the day the total number of task completed and in-completed task which is carried, added in the next day task. So what you must do is, when you make a “To do list” with every task put a time limit with priority on each task at the start of the day and in the mid day like during Lunch time you can just cross check the task completion status and put any remarks if it is going to take more than a day or two.

So lets start from today at least one of these self improvement to upskill and also comment your observations after practicing, I would like to hear from your!

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