Top 5 career options after MCA

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Hi! In this blog post i am sharing with you top 5 career options after MCA. IT industry is increasing fast, the job opportunities has also been increased for fresh MCA graduates as well for the experienced IT professional also.  According to a research IT industry will have more job options then ever before.  Post pandemic many organizations shift their base to online and work from home (WFH) culture is the new normal. 

The minimum salary and the designation for the entry level MCA graduates (reference jargon josh)

  1. Web Developer or designer – (Rs.20k to Rs.50k)
  2. Assistant – IT – Rs.10k to Rs.20k.
  3. Engineer Hardware – Rs.15k to rs25k
  4. Software Engineer or Developer- Rs.20k to Rs.50k.
  5. App Developer – Rs.20k to Rs.35k

Skills Required for MCA

  1. Java, C++, .net, ASP.NET, CSS, PHP, java script, htm,
  2. For networking  – linux, ccnp, ccna, ccie

Popular companies in IT industry

  • IBM
  • Wipro
  • Acenture
  • Infosys
  • Infotech
  • Sotyam Mahindra
  • TCS (Tata consultancy srvices
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • HCL

The designation for in the IT software company are:-

career options after MCA as an App developer

Once you become a software engineer your main task would be creating new apps, testing and also programming apps which are to be used in Mobile phones, computers, laptops, tables, and fabled. 

You main either be working in a team or may be leading a team of specialists programmers or app developers.  

Business Analysist as a career options after MCA

When you work as a Business Analysist your main task would be to guide all the business processes like services, software, products, using data analysis. 

Business analysist can work in various sectors like finance department or companies who are financial instruments, telecoms sector, software services etc.

Software developer / programmer/ Engineer as a career options after MCA

Being a software developer you will be creating, testing, doing installation and also maintenance of software’s which are already installed at the client’s location. 

As a software developer you must be analytical, use techniques to solve problems to meet business needs. Mostly when you create a new software for your clients.

It is a recurring task may be after 6 months or a year you need to upgrade the software to improve efficiency, reducing time, cost and most important your services as a software developer meets all the needs of your customers or clients.

As per indeed, a popular job search engine average salary of software developer in India is around INR 4 lakhs onwards, based on the number of years of experience.

System Analysist

Even if you know various programming language being working in the job role of System Analysist involves hardware knowledge also.  This job are mostly in information technology sector.  You have to set up both hardware and software and if there is any new software to be updated at the client location.

Software Consultant

Designing new software to fulfil the requirement of clients requirement.  Updating software to improve the efficiency so that the process becomes more efficient. Being a software consultant you must also provide technical support and trouble shoot to get solutions and services to the clients

To Conclude…

There are more career options and job position for MCA apart from the above and I will be updating the list soon.  Now its up to you to select the options that suits to your skill.  After the pandemic most of the business have transformed themselves to online and for sure there are more number of job openings available to manage the software processes for the smooth functioning.  New job opening are flashing on job portals like naukri, shine and many other job websites.

5 best jobs after MCA degree

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