Top 23 Soft skills Interview question answers

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Soft skills are called non-technical skills.  In this post, I have shared some Soft skills Interview question answers. An individual must possess Soft skills in their personality.  When you attend an interview, you are being tested on your soft skills i.e. communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, as well as problem-solving skills.  These questions and answers are guides in preparing yourself for your upcoming interview.

Now you must have all those soft skills so that you can efficiently manage your team and get the best result.  You must have soft skill. In this blog I am sharing for you soft skills interview questions. These soft skills question will help you in preparing yourself for the interview. Let me tell you one most important point, for all the questions you pre-prepare your answers on any note book or a diary. so that you can revise during your free time.

So let’s discuss in details about soft skills interview questions.    And also I will share some soft skill interview questions and answers.  These questions will help you in your preparation for the next interview.

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sample answers for your reference-Soft skills Interview question answers

Q1. What are soft skills ?

Soft skills are all those skills that we use while obtaining a task.  For example speaking skills, problem solving skills, management skills, team work, creative thinking etc are all soft skills. 

You can inculcate soft skills within yourself by practicing consistently.  Unlike hard skills, soft skills are also an individual traits or personality traits.

Q2. Why are soft skills  so important?

Your technical qualification is also important.  But without soft skills its of less useful to companies.  Just imagine a situation “ where a Manager who is well qualified with all the relevant technical skills.  Got selected in a company.  But while working with  peers and staff, finds difficult to communicate the instructions. “

That’s why, most companies check the soft skills during the interview. 

Q3. Which type of work do you prefer team work or individual work? And why?

The interviewer want to know whether you are a team player or a individual.  But in the corporate and professional world, you are often one man army even with a team.  Through this question the interviewer want to know about your decision, your self-initiative and leadership skills you possess.

Q4. What is team work?  How will get the production target out of your team?

Team work is defined as efforts put together by a team to achieve desired goals.  All team member focus on one goals.  In a team all individual member work together by supporting each other to achieve their team goals or targets. 

To get the product target achieved from a team you must define certain rules and guidelines with the team, such as :-

  • Defined goals
  • Set a time limit to achieve the defined goal
  • Each step taken must be tracked.  The team leader must see the progress to lean from the mistakes and improvise the mistakes.

Q5. Which type of solution will you provide to your team when each member of your team stick to his own idea?

  • The first step is to write the goal on the white board that is to be achieved by the team.
  • Brain storm solutions and ideas of each team member written on the whiteboard.
  • Each member share their honest feedback on each solutions to select the best.
  • Once the best solution is finalised by the team ask each members to explain the outcome.
  • Now ask the team member who still stick to his own ideas.  Get the feedback from fellow team members and finalise to agree on the best solutions.

Q6. How will you make your team get results even if they don’t accept your idea?

Brainstorming is the best method to get your team select the best solution.  A team is always focused on one goal where all the individual players in a team work together to achieve. 

Q7. Share your live situation of a problem you handled, and how did you do the problem solving in that situation?

This is one of the question asked is most of the interview.  The interviewer trying to find your problem solving skill ability.  So share your practical experience or any incidence wherein you used your problem solving skills to solve a difficult situation and how your solutions helped to overcome.

Q8. During covid-19 the CEO of your decided to cut the salary of the top management.  Further the CEO also decided to deduct the salary of your department due to financial difficulties and you are advised to do. 

Since covid-19 is a difficult situation for most of the companies.  Everyone is aware, so rather than focusing on deducting the salary you may suggest ideas to increase the sales of your company products, more efforts from each employee to overcome the situation.

Q9. What is brain storming?

Brain storming is a process where a team conducts meeting to solve a critical problem.  Each member has to share their point of view or solutions.  After discussion on each solutions the result is selected with the best idea that agrees by all the members present in the brainstorming activity.

Q10. What is multitask? Do you do multi tasking?

Well multitasking is myth.  But doing multiple task frequently depends upon individual skills, capabilities, adaptability.  You may perform multiple task at a time using your computer, laptop or any electronic gadgets.

Q11. How will you give the priority while doing multitasking?

Selecting a priority is done by using priority matrix.  With the start of the day you write down on your daily board all those priority task to be completed on urgent basis.  Then followed by all those tasks that are important but not so urgent

As a training and development Manager. You would be given many task. Like conducting Training need analysis and assessment survey, questionnaire etc., to derive the training need across various designation. therefore setting priority matrix is important for you that’s why the interviewer ask this question during the Soft skills Interview question answers.

Priority matrix

Q12. As a Training and Development Manager, do you know how to give presentation? Did you delivered any presentation in the past on the topic soft skills?

Through this question the interviewer wants to know more about your public speaking and presentation skills.  You may share your experience presentation you had given in the your previous company.

Soft skills are important in almost all the industries. Now a days not only in IT industry but automobile sector, banking sector, as well as hospitality sector need to prepare employees to improve soft skills traits (communication skills, body language, behavior training to staff).

So you may share your experience about giving training to staff on any of the soft skill topic like above or on topic team work, interpersonal skills, speaking skills. Because based on the need analysis these training are conducted at various levels.

Q13. When you conduct your training session on Soft skill topics. you find that your audience is getting bored. What steps will you take during your session?

Firstly the interviewer want to know how you connect with your audience. Secondly the interviewer also wants to hear from you about various methods, activities, games, energizers, ice-breakers your used during your sessions.

This is important from the point of view of Interviewer, because the company wants to hire a Manager who is capable to bring transformation in employees soft skills.

During the Soft skills Interview question answers tell the interviewer about activities you used to connect with audience and so that the trainee don’t get bored during the session. You may also share with the interviewer about using energizer activities in between the session.  Energizer are the best way to get connected with the audience, prepare the audience to learn new skills as well as for further sessions.

Q14. What do you understand by the term collaboration skill? | Soft skills Interview question answers

Team collaboration is a strategy used in many organization.  In the team collaboration the main objective is set to get the best outcome.

Yes team collaboration is a skill, each team member has to listen and contribute their point of view, acknowledge each team members ideas.  Encourage open discussion among the team share the honest feedback.

Q15. How is problem solving a skill?

During Soft skills Interview question answers you may be asked this question. Problem solving is one of the key soft skill that an individual must possess.  You may develop problem solving skills by practicing.  In the process of problem solving,

  • you must first find the root cause of the problem.
  • Note down all the possible solutions comes into your mind.
  • Discuss with your team and get the solutions
  • Do the brain storming with your team on each solutions
  • Then select the best and take action.

Q16. Why communication skills are important at work place?

When the interviewer as this question during Soft skills Interview question answers. He wants to know about your communication ability.

Communication skills helps to interact with your colleagues, peers and with your seniors.  You express your thoughts, ideas by using appropriate words, vocabulary to make listener understand. 

Since at work place listening is more important than communication.  When delegating tasks to your team you must make sure that your team understands the given task otherwise the result will be inappropriate or irrelevant.

Q17.  Why critical thinking is important at work place?

When you answer this question, the interviewer want to know your think process your creative thinking.  Critical thinking helps you in making your decision to solve a problem efficiently.  Critical thinking helps to think for a particular problem and getting many ideas, solutions and selecting the best for the given problem.

Q18.  What is interpersonal skills?

Sample suggestion: – “interpersonal skills are your inner traits to communicate and interact with your colleagues, peers and with your seniors at work place”.  You may add your creative idea!

Q19. How will you build relationship with your staff and peers?

Q20. How will you prepare your team to listen a bad news?

Q21. Do you know how to use humor as a speaker?

Q22. What do you understand by the term collaboration skill?

Q23. Why soft skill is important ?


These are some of the soft skill interview questions and answers which you will be asked during the interview to check you soft skills capabilities.

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