Top 11 WordPress interview question answer for freshers

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The fear of interview is always even for the experience professionals. In this post I am sharing with you Top 11 WordPress interview questions and answers for freshers. this will work as a light house for you. You will gain confident and boost your preparation.

Even if you are starting your career as a WordPress developer, these questions will definitely a guide to your preparation for the WordPress interview.

1. What do you mean by the term “WordPress”

You may answer straight away. My suggestion ” WordPress is a most popular content management system (CMS) specially for creating websites, blogs. With the help of WordPress, you may create your personal blogs, company websites, like affiliate websites, product review websites. You may also create e-commerce website easily while using word press2. .

2. In WordPress what types of developer features are available?

Now when the interviewer ask you this question. The interviewer wants to know your knowledge about the WordPress features. This question will help the interviewer to align your skills to the requirement they have in their organization.

So I suggest the below answer, but since you are domain expert in this field, and over the time there are updates and new features are being added. So by the time you will be reading this blog, WordPress may update with the new features, so also check as on date for new updates relevant to WordPress developer features.

wordpress interview question answer

“for developers, you will find may features in WordPress as below

WordPress Themes

  • plugin
  • content customization
  • Libraries
  • Application framework

3. How will you secure the safety of your website in WordPress?

Now the interviewer want to know your deep knowledge about WordPress.

My suggestions, and you may add according to your preparation,
“As WordPress is the most popular content management system used world wide websites. Therefore your content on WordPress is secure and safe as it keeps on updating its software, applications and other algorithms time to time.
Also WordPress has the latest versions installing so that to protect from attackers as well as from hackers.

4. What do you understand by the word plugin in WordPress?

These are small software programme to improve the operational part in WordPress. WordPress is created so that each individual without the knowledge of coding may easily create websites, blogs, etc. And these plugin come in handy for improving the user interface of the website by using functions and features.

You may install the plugin with one click. Plugin also helps in customizing the website as well as blogs.
Plugins also help in improving the website ranking in the google search result page.
Plugins also helps in creating an interactive popups, for the user.

5. How will you do SEO in the WordPress?

Plugin is one of the WordPress developer option that helps even to rank your website. there are many popular plugins like, yoast seo, rank math seo, all in one seo, etc plugin that you may use in your website to improve your page ranking in the google search engine result page.

Apart from that you may also write your content which is search engine friendly.
With the new updates, google bots are now more focusing on intent of the reader. so when you create your content you must focus more on readers by creating useful content for the readers.

6. In WordPress what are pages?

WordPress introduced pages in the year 2005 when then updated to version 1.5. Before that WordPress used to use posts only for blogging.

So in WordPress you can write content on pages which are static in nature. While on the other hand, posts are timely dynamic.

for example, in website you create an about us page. You can also create parent page of sub pages. Therefore, if about us is a parent page, then you can create a sub page “success history”.

7. What is the use of post in WordPress?

posts are dynamic in nature and with timely created content. Time to time you may update the content or create new content relevant to your website niche.

You may create RSS feed for posts.

When you create a post, you may put under relevant category. for example, you created a post on search engine optimization for google search result page, and you had a category in the name of Digital marketing. Then the relevant post will come under this category.

8. What do you mean by category in WordPress?

WordPress have most interesting functions and features. One of the function i the category in WordPress. Categories are one of the way to organize your website content.

When you write a blog you use post function in WordPress. These posts are further categories into sections. In other words, I can say that these categories are sections of your website.

9. What is the alternative of WordPress?

there are many other type of content Management systems similar to WordPress. some them are


  • Joomla,
  • silver stripe
  • ghost

10. What is slug in WordPress?

A slug is a type of that that is used in the URL. so i can say that it is a tag.

11. Why WordPress use MYSQL?

MySQL is a database server. WordPress use MySQL server because it is fast and is a widely used. MySQL server is hosted on linux and the cost is low.

12. What is the difference between and

since is a self hosted content management system. Whereas is full hosting where you only need to write content.

In you don’t need to worry about the design, or backend developer coding. manages all and you need to only focus on creating and publishing content.

In, is an open source platform. i.e. you can edit the WordPress developer coding, edit the design, even you can use open software. You will also get freedom to select multiple plugins as per your needs. You may also do n number of designs.

I have also listed questions and answer for telephonic round interview.

13. Can you explain the features of

Yes, definitely, the key features of is:-

  • Easy theme installation and editing.
  • Option for multilingual management, i.e. you may write content using multiple languages.
  • Editing pages and customizing using page builder plugins.
  • Importing content on to your website.
  • can be easily installed and upgraded also.
  • With the new upgrade in WordPress versions, easy search engine optimized
  • The best part with which i Like the most is the user management. You can create users and delegate hassle free task and schedules.
  • The publishing tools are easily managed by novice also.
  • the best part of is its simplicity with efficacy.

14. What type of developer features do you find in

WP has lot of features specially for developers

  • Themes
  • plugins
  • frameworks for application
  • customization contents
  • Library system

Note: These are my suggestions, as the WordPress is updating new versions, so please also check the, as well as website for the latest updates and information.

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