Telephonic round interview questions and answers for fresher’s

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In this post i am sharing with you questions that are generally asked by interviewer during Telephonic round interview questions and answers. I am also sharing with you sample answers that will help you as a guide to prepare your answers.

Q.1. tell me about yourself

Ans. First, greet the interviewer with the salutation “good morning/good afternoon/good evening” according to current time of your location or interviewer location.

Since it is a fresher interview.  Introduce yourself with your

  • Qualification
  • Projects you had undertaken
  • Current project you are working
  • Key outcome of earlier project and current project

(I graduated from SDQ University with a degree in physics.  I completed my internship with SRS Company.  Offer for the position of Manager-Procurement.  I was responsible for the entire Procurement Process.

I refused the offer because it didn’t match my qualification. I would like to start my career from the front where I get opportunities to lead and that is when your call landed in.)  

Q.2. What are your Strengths?

Ans. During the process of Telephonic round interview questions and answers. sometimes the interview intentionally asks about your strengths. so you must be very sure about your strengths. As this question will help the interview to match your profile with the job requirement they have in their organization.

so before answering, you must prepare your answer as per their job requirement to Tell about your strengths. Also you must speak at least 3 to 5 point each about your strengths.

My strengths are:-

  • Can do work confidently
  • Work under pressure if situation demands
  • More focused to get solutions

Q.3. Why are you searching for a job

You may start your answer by stating :-

“Since I graduated three months ago.  After completing my internship, I’m seeking for a job that match to my qualification.  Moreover, I had plan for further studies. May be after 4 to 5 years I will go for a specialized niche.  But now I need the industrial experience matching to my qualification and looking for a position where I can lead.” 

Q.4. How did you know about this vacant position

You may answer to this question during your Telephonic round interview questions and answers :-

“One of my neighbor works in your esteem organization.  She always share about the transparent work culture.   Various transparent policies that are in line with the employees benefit along with the organizational growth.  This inspired me to visit your website and searched about your company on other social media platforms like LinkedIn (professional network).  I checked the reviews of employees on these social media platforms. “

I am sure that once I start my career in your organization, will help me to plan a successful carrer for myself.

Q.5. Can you give a brief about our company

When I visited your website about robotics, one of the first manufacturing in India. I searched on google some fabulous customer reviews. 

Moreover, linkedin reviews stated that your organization strive for the efficiency in the global market platform.  That attract me to become a part of your organization.

Q.6. Why are you interested in this job?

Being a people person and a travel enthusiast.  The Job description mentioned meeting stakeholders which includes intensive travelling National as well as International excites me to purse and apply for this job.

Q.7. have you been giving interview for any other job?

Some other interviews are also lined up this week.  But I’m personally I am looking forward to start in your organizations.  Because, during my college days, I prepared and developed public speaking skills, leadership, communication skills. 

Definitely I will be able to use all these skills in your organization.   

Q.8. What salary do you expect?

Right now, my focus is on a position where I can use my skills and learn new skills to enhance my career.  And being a fresher I don’t have specific figure in my mind.  However, this job definitely have a specific budget.


These are the questions and answers which are generally asked.  Telephonic interview is one of the screening process to select the ideal candidate eligible to job description. I hope you got some idea to answer the above questions.

My objective is to give you an idea so that based on these questions you can prepare yourself.

You may share your questions and answers in the comment section. This will help all the readers. 

Thanks for reading!

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