success is a journey

Success is a Journey


Everyone wants to be successful in their life.  Most of the times after achieving success, it becomes very normal as if you know that this has already been achieved.

To some success is:-success is a journey

  1. Achieving their desired goals, whether it is short term goals or long term goals.
  2. Achieving their dreams into reality in real life.
  3. Achieving what they desired.
  4. Achieving what they admired during their life journey.
  5. To some Achieving their targeted goals set.

but to me, Success is a journey, not a destination.  You are always successful in each perspective of your life.  achieving small tiny achievements that are ignored.

Try to remember, when you was a kid and your only dream was to obtain a toy and you keep on dreaming playing with that toy, sleeping with that toy and many more activities.  After some days your parents gift you with that same toy.  you rejoice with your toy, with a happy feeling in your heart.

what is most important in our life to set short goals and target which must be time-bound and also relevant long term goals and target which are consistent steps towards bigger dreams.

As you leap ahead in your life, you must remember and rejoice even the tiny achievements in the journey of your life.