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Career in Media & Entertainment as Sales Manager

How to prepare for a career as a Sales Manager in a Media and entertainment niche

One of the most lucrative job in the world is career as a Sales Manager job.  Sales job is considered to be one of the highly earned job but only 5% to 10% are able to achieve as per the reports published in the media. In this article you will get some idea about creating a career path if you want to become a Sales manager.

Media has its important significance in the politics around the world.  In India also the role of media has become the driving force whether it is a print media, publishing media or a audio or video media.  They also have various departments like accounts, Human resource, marketing. 

The designation of Sales Manager jobs comes under Marketing department.  Most organizations  categorised as marketing and Sales department.

The job designation varies for e.g. Manager – Mkt. & Sales, Territory Sales Manager, Area Sales, Manager, Team Sales Manger, Sales Manager

The job description of Sales Manager Includes

He/she must perform the following job responsibilities:-

  • Generate Leads and increase sales
  • Creating sales budget and monitoring the budget as a part of responsibility
  • Must Achieve Achieving the target set by Director
  • Acquiring and maintain key clients
  • Developing / overseeing the development of proposals and closing sales orders
  • Selling ad inventory like 10 second ad spots, banners, classifieds, text ads. Etc

Work environment

  • It is a bench work job
  • Needs to handle a team of sales executives.
  • Travelling is a part of this job
  • Part time work and contractual jobs are not available
  • Work from home option is not available

Working hours

  • Working hours are 10/ 12 hours every day for 5 to 6 days a week.  This may vary from company to company
  • Shift system may be available

May be Candidates with special needs can also do this job depending upon company to company individual policy and requirement.

Educational qualifications and Training

  • Mimimum – 10th
  • Certified training for sales manager (programme aligned to MES/ Q 0202 released by media and entertainment skill council)

Key competencies

  • Ability to develop an area wise sales vision and plan
  • Capable in implementing various methods to inspire individuals and empower them with the skills and knowledge to achieve sales target
  • Well versed with training methodologies such as case studies, role plays, simulations, etc.
  • Knowledge of tools and techniques to analyse data, understand trends and improve sales performance
  • Well versed with fundamental of marketing and advertising
  • Knowledge of market and industry in which the client operates
  • Proficient in reading and analysing audience and market information and derive trends that can be used to pitch to potential client
  • Knowledge of applicable legal and regulatory guidelines.
  • Proficient in identifying sales opportunities while managing existing client relationships
  • Good Knowledge to manage client value using various measurement methods
  • Proficient in positioning the company’s offering effectively to a potential client
  • Knowledge of drafting a sales agreement and other standard contracts
  • Proficient in persuasive selling techniques

Desirable Competencies

  • Training in customer relationship management and selling techniques

Available skill training and learning institutes

  • ALL NIIT imperia centre for advanced learning across India
  • IL &FS institute of skills
  • Quantum HR solutions
  • Career partner Academy
  • Team-lease services pvt. Ltd.

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