CBSE UNICEF collaboration |career guidance counseling

CBSE UNICEF collaboration career guidance counseling

Recently cbse unicef collaboration (Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in collaboration with UNICEF) has launched a portal on internet so that students can avail online career guidance and counselling at no cost career guidance and counselling. Students of 10th and 12th standard will get a massive health to get clarity in planning their professional … Read more

Career in fashion industry

Are you the one who is passionate about fashion, creating designs, sketch drawing concepts for clothes. A career in fashion industry will make you achieve your dreams. Then this is the career for you.  A career in Fashion Design Industry opens opportunities across the world.  A career in the Fashion industry is one of the … Read more

Group Discussion क्या हैं !

Gd एक मोखिक तरीका हैं जिसमें दिये गए विषय मैं सभी उपस्थित सदस्यों को आपने दृष्टिकोण बताना होता है | साथ ही आपस मैं एक दुसरे के सामने           अपनी बात रखनी होती हैं | Gd एक स्क्र्रेनिंग प्रक्रिया हैं जिसके जरिये सदस्यों को चुना जाता हैं | अब बात आती हैं कि किस प्रकार … Read more

What is Group Discussion?

In a Group Discussion, candidates are divided into groups of 8 to 12 members.  These groups are tested by a panel of judges. Companies conduct Group Discussion to screen the best suitable candidate or select the prospective candidate ideal to meet their job profile need. GD is one of the methods to assess the candidates … Read more