Did you ever asked yourself these questions,

“What is  it that I want from myself”,

“What are my goals”

“Where you want to see yourself in five years”

Do you clearly know your goals and your objective at this moment?

What did you achieve today?


Setting goals are the first step towards your journey to success.  Without goals is just like a ship in the sea sailing without a destination.  If you have your goals set, you are focused, you have directions to achieve your goals.

Setting goals is like controlling your tasks to a particular designated direction.  You can also set certain benchmarks in your endeavour towards your goals to check your success meter.

To achieve your goals you must know how to set easily and achievable goals.

It’s a process of what you want from your life, what is it that you want to achieve in your career.  What is it that you love to do and keep you happy doing that activity throughout the day without getting tired.

Here are the five steps you can use to set your goals.

Follow your passion and do that work which motivates you

Ask yourself, what is it that you love to do, which activity keeps you motivated throughout the day.

Do that work which motivates you more than any other work.  For example, if you love singing, then, and passionate about it, then create your career in that stream.

Attitude plays a key role in achieving your defined goals.  Once you are clear about your goals, then create a commitment to yourself in achieving your desired goal.

Ask yourself, WHY you want to achieve this goal.


Another best way to set goals for yourself is to create a S.M.A.R.T goals rules.

Nurture Specific goals

Goals must be very specific.  It should be exactly what you desire in your life.  The more precise and specific goals you set, you will be able to achieve the exact desired goals for which you are motivated and always dream to obtain.

Develop your Measurable Goals

As you set your goals it must be a very precise example, you should mention in monetary terms, in terms of date, month and year.

Make your goals Achievable

Always make your goals which you can achieve easily.  If you set a goal that doesn’t have any scope of is no expectation of achieving it or you don’t have any interest in doing actions to achieve the set goals.

So always keep a goal that you can take actions to achieve the set goals.

Create Relevant Goals

Life is yours, and you must set a direction of your goals which should be relevant to your career and your life.  Doing this will align your goals and your career wherein you will be able to concentrate and focus more on achieving your relevant goals.

Goals must be time-framed

As you have already created you measurable and relevant goals, now it must be time-bound with a time limit.  As you set your goals within your time limits will create an urgency to complete or achieving it more quickly than the time limit set by you.

Create written goals

Write your goals in a small business card size paper.  Keep it with you in your pocket to be read every time you are distracted.  As you read your goals each time will bring you more close to your goals and more focused you will be.

Goals with Action  

All goals are useless unless it is actionable.  What I mean to say, it that, as you have created your S.M.A.R.T. goals, it is worthless unless and until you act upon them.  Once you start taking actions on your goals it will become realistic and achievable.

You have to be very consistent and focused.  Every time you get distracted from your goals, try to read the written goals kept in your pocket to bring you back into your goals mind frame.


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