How to prepare for Telephonic round Interview

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Telephonic round interview is the first round in an interview. The interviewer makes a phone call to the candidate over telephone. Telephone interview helps the employer to screen the candidates. 

The employer checks the candidate’s experience, qualification, skills, and expected salary pertaining to the vacant position in the company.

Due to pandemics, it is difficult to invite outstation or distance candidates. Moreover, telephone interview helps to reduce the expenses.

Telephonic interview helps employers in selecting only the eligible candidates for the vacant position.

Before you receive a phone call for the interview, prepare yourself well.  I have listed some important point for you.

Things to prepare before telephonic interview

Get information about Job Description before telephonic interview– before applying check the job description. 

Because job description includes, required skills, experience and responsibilities of the vacant position in the organization. 

So, once you read the job description, you will get the clarity, better understanding about the vacant position. 

With clarity in job description you will be able to give appropriate answers in the telephonic interview.

Gather Company Information for the interview

Visit the company website. 

Check about us page, read the company mission statement, vision statement, quality policy, and check all the products, try to collect all the relevant information to help you win the interview.

You can also check the google reviews about the company.  This will help you in understanding the company. 

Convenient time for telephonic interview

This is very important.  Give a convenient time for telephonic interview so that you can answer without distraction.

  • Try to be in a location where there is no background noise.
  • Be in a location where you have proper network connection
  • Try to mute all the notification or popup.  So that it couldn’t distract you while your telephonic interview is in progress.

All documents Ready for interview

Keep all the relevant document ready.  Like pen, paper, resume, note pad.

It may happen that you have to read your resume. So get your resume read before the phone interview.

It may be possible that during the interview, the interviewer may share you relevant information, details about the company or product or may be related to your interview process.

You can note down some important points shared by the employer.

Prepare all Gadgets

Charge your mobile phone battery.  Check your head phone audio mic working properly, if not replace or use another.

Try to use head phone.  Using head phone will help you to listen clearly.  Moreover, your hands are free, you can easily note down important points, and even refer to your resume during the interview without any obstruction.

Body Posture

Keep your posture straight.  This will give you confidence.  Even it’s a telephonic interview shows confidence in your voice.

So before attending the phone interview prepare the above handy.

Things to do during the telephonic interview

During the interview following points are to be considered


Start with a pleasant greeting. Wish like “good morning, good afternoon, good evening” according to the time.


During the telephonic round interview try to keep the tone of your voice at an optimum level.  The pitch should not be too high or too low.


During the telephonic interview, listen and understand the questions.  Once you listen properly, you will be able to give the right answer.

  • When the interviewer is speaking, do not interrupt. 
  • Take time to think and then respond your answers
  • Don’t give long answer, try to keep it short. 

After the telephonic interview

Gratitude to the Interviewer

Once the interview is complete, say thank to your interviewer.  As you have greeted in the beginning of the interview.

If the interviewer give you any information or instructions, do follow.  Also don’t forget to give a follow up call to know about the status of your interview. 

You may ask the interviewer for a specific date and time to give a follow up call.


The above are key steps for telephonic round interview.  Keep all the above point and prepare yourself well before attending any telephonic round interviews.  You can also check telephonic round interview questions and answers here. Some are common questions which are mostly asked in almost all telephonic interview whether it is flipkart, Amazon, or any BPO, call center telephonic round.   

I hope you got the clarity on attending the telephonic round interview.  You can also share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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