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Social Media Platform for job seekers

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Many professionals lost their job due to covid-19.  Even after the second wave, things got worsened. it becomes a hard task for job search in covid-19. Even the best professionals, need career guide. Moreover professional subject matter experts also faced a hard time in their career. In this blog, I will share some ways that social media assist in job hunting.

 Since everyone using the internet.  For entertainment, earn knowledge, learn new recipes, and even job seekers. Whether you are a fresher or experience professional in any field.  You can use the power of using social media and assist you in job hunting.

Profile-social Media for Job seekers

One thing I want to suggest.  If you are serious about your job search, create a profile focused on your niche profession.  Clearly describe your skills, achievements. 

Structure your profile that is easily readable. Structure your career profile hierarchy with your Graduation for example B.E. Engineering, B.Tech. for Commerce students they can start with etc then professional qualification, certifications. thereafter mention your internship details.

Then mention your internship details, projects you worked with. Skills you learnt. Try to use relevant keywords in you profile.

Active job search in social media app

After completing your profile, start searching for the job you are seeking.  Use relevant keywords to search jobs for example

  • Training manager jobs
  • Account manager jobs
  • SEO specialist jobs near me

Similarly, you can suffix or prefix keywords that match your professional skills and keep searching till you get the relevant job.  Then apply for the job.

Try to search on daily basis.  Check your profile daily.  If you need to update or change any skills or add new skills, do it immediately.

Search every day, apply for the job.  Once you apply for a job try to call the employer. Talk to the HR.  read the job description thoroughly, understand the job requirement.

Join relevant Groups over social media apps for job hunting

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps have pages and groups on various topics, macro niche or micro-niche groups. 

What you have to do is, join the relevant groups, or pages.  After joining, you will be able to see posts from various members inside the group/pages.  Connect with them through email or contact number, if they are mentioned in the post.  Or you can simply comment showing your interest in their post.

Create a shortcut on your desktop or mobile screen.  So that you can directly check the new posts or new job requirements uploaded in these groups or pages.

Careful about scams & frauds on social media apps

Beware of scams and frauds.  Since social media is an open platform.  Everyone is connected through networking.  Your personal data is open to all.  So be couscous, before taking action.  It may adversely affect your reputation.

There may be a possibility that these scammers will try to connect with you.  Send you messages with various offers, ask you money or even send you a clickable link.  Even these scammers also try to lure you that they help you get a higher salary with fake proof.

So don’t get scammed by these fraudsters.  Cross-check the details, about the company, check the review on google, ask your friends and family members before taking any steps.

The bonus tip:  social media website for effective job search

Social media website for job search

1. Job search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is professional social media.  You can connect with the professional in your core skills.  Get connected. Share your profile.  Since LinkedIn is free.  But you don’t get many options.  With the paid version for job search, you can share your profile over email.  Though the paid version is at a price of Rs.1400/- per month.

If you are serious job seeker, give it a try.

2. Create a profile on YouTube for job search

YouTube will help you present your sample videos about your professional skill, your work-related videos.  These sample videos will also help you show your communication skills, public speaking skills, and your individual personality for your job search.

Most public speakers, trainers, have used youtube to promote their work.

You can also use it by creating a video profile or professional resume.  You can record videos of your professional career-related skills. You can also show you projects, assignments you have done.  Your academics, and new skills, your achievements.

First, you have to record your own video using a camera.  You can even use your mobile camera. Dress in formals. Create a youtube channel using your Google email account. Upload your recorded video on youtube.

Once you upload your video.  Write a detailed description.  Use relevant keywords in the description

3. Face-book platform for job seekers

Facebook has created a particular Job tab in the menu.  You can find many small companies and big organizations post their vacancy on Facebook.

You will also find groups and pages of various companies.  Where they share vacant job vacancies in their organization.

You may join only the relevant groups of your career skills and get connected.

There are many social media apps you can use for your job search.  But I find the above to be the best in job hunting.


People All over the world use social media apps to get connected.  With the help of social media, you can network with people in other parts of the world.  You can also gain career guide help from senior professional over social media platforms.

So job hunting becomes easy for job seekers once you create a perfect profile on social media platforms for job hunting, network with people across the world.

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