How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview


When you go for the interview this is one of the common questions asked to start a conversation between the interviewer and a candidate.  Mostly the interview twist this question in another way for example.

“tell us something about yourself”


 “Give a brief introduction about yourself”,


“Tell me something that is not mentioned in your resume”,

So basically the interviewer wants to create an environment to make you comfortable with a casual discussion. 

Employers wanted to know more about your skills, knowledge, background, work experience and how you communicate about yourself.  How confidently you explain about yourself. 

This question is one of the way to check about your skills sets are align with the job or not.

The whole interview process is based on your answer to this question.

How to answer this question

Prepare yourself and your mind before attending an interview.

Brainstorm yourself with following questions to get the answer and write down on your note book.

What are your skills that match with the job description (job for which you are going to attend the interview)

Start by thinking your skills, years of experience, any specialization or core skills that makes you stand out.  Read the JD (job description) note the skill sets required for this job role. Check your skills whether they match with the job role.

What is your career goals?  Whether your career goals align with the professional goals

Check the JD (job description) and see whether your career goals are in line with this job role.  Also you must check your professional goals and career goals must align with the JD of the job applied.

What is the type of industry you are interested to work or excited to get the job

Before applying for any job, you must be very clear about yourself.  What type of industry interest your or excites you.

What type of job role gives you excitement?

First check If the job description matches with your interest or your favourite industry, job role then you must definitely apply.

Prepare your point about the job role that excites you and you are passionate about the job.  Give some example of your creative work you have done in previous company.

What are your core knowledge, skills?  Is your core knowledge skills align with the company for which you are going to give interview.

Always try to get a job in industry that matches or align with your core skills.  This will keep you motivated and also you grow successful in your professional career.

Speak about your skills, knowledge and excerpts from the job description and present

These questions will help you to frame your answers for the question “Tell me about yourself”

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