Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. What is counselling?
  2. What is career counselling ?
  3. What are the steps in career counselling?
  4. What do you want from your career?
  5. Why do we need Career guidance?

1. What is counselling?

Counselling means speaking therapy or talking therapy.  In this process the counsellor aim is to provide solutions to clients problems, understanding their problems and resolving keeping all the information in a confidential setting.

2. What is career counselling ?

Career counselling is about discussing, understanding suitable career path for a person for his/her success in present and future. Career counsellor helps the seeker whether he/she is a professional, student, mid life career change or even trying to fulfil your dream job

3.What are the steps in career counselling?

As you visit your career counsellor location, you will be presented with the following steps

  1. You will have to give psychometric Assessment test.  Through the test the counsellor will know your personality and he/she will be able to give you guidance based on your tests.
  2. The psychometric assessment includes following test:=
    1. Personality test.
    1. Aptitude test
    1. Interest test,
    1. Multiple Intelligence test
  3. There are many other methods for a counsellor to do the assessment for his/her clients.  Some career counsellors use Psychoanalysis, DMIT test, psychometric assessment test based on the results they analysis the interest profile of the client. But the end result is one that is to help client discover his or her right career path based on the above tests.
  4. Suitable options according to interest profile after the assessment
  5. Various options available for career growth where a counsellor can dig deep to help you discover yourself better.
    1. After 12th career path
    1. After graduation career path
    1. A professional who is seeking better career for his future
    1. A midlife career change
    1. Changing career across fields
    1. Starting an entrepreneurship

4. What do you want from your career?

As a human we live in a society and we all need respect in society.  This is not fulfilled without money and once we get money we all need name and fame which gives satisfaction and security bring happiness and joy within ourselves and in our family.

5. Why do we need Career guidance?

Today youth are struck in dilemma with lot of information on digital world and the career they want to choose. 

  1. Mostly due to parents pressure they have to accept the career of their parent’s choice by force.
  2. Sometime the students are intend to follow what their friends are opting in their career.
  3. Students get tempted with current trends
  4. Influenced by the social media
  5. Sometimes the youth select their career in dejection