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Today, in this post I am sharing with you sample email marketing interview questions answers. Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your target customers. Through Email, you can connect directly to your customers. So, for the success of the business, companies hire candidates who can understand their actual customers.

so before you receive a call from the human resource manager for an interview. You must practice and prepare yourself well to crack the interview.

But before I share important questions and answers for the Email marketing Manager Post. 

You must first know what is email marketing? and why does a company or organization need a dedicated Manager for Email Marketing?

Email marketing interview questions and answers are for Managers and even sometimes these questions are asked in the fresher interview also. 

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some of the important Email marketing interview questions answers which are from basics and as well as for advanced levels also. 

1. How will you explain email marketing?

The first question you hear from the hiring manager, a very common interview question for email marketing. What you must do? answer in a simple way specifies with clarity.

Sample Answer for email marketing interview questions

Email marketing is a digital marketing tool.  Through emails, you Connect with your potential customers by sending valuable information relevant to consumer needs and a way to generate leads.

First, you must decide on your potential customers.  Then create a list of emails for automation of email marketing.

The next step is to draft structured information with a call to action inside the email content so that the potential customer can take necessary action and also create value, or a solution for the recipient.

Target your potential customer who is interested in your product through Email marketing.

2. When should you email your customers?

The best time to send an email is in the morning or on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).  Because that is a time when the customers are free.  In the morning the first thing customer do is check his emails and the same in the weekends.

You can also seek in-between weeks, especially Wednesday mid-noon.

But before sending an email you must try to find out through testing about the time that works best for your targeted customers.

3. How many emails you should send to your customers

It depends upon your targeted customers.  Mostly once a month is okay but it may be possible that customers I forget.  So as the best practice you must send at least 2 to 3 times a month.  But before that, you must see the convenience of your customers.

Your customer may also unsubscribe if you keep on pushing them with too many emails.  It may be possible for your customers to get irritated.

4. How will you calculate the email marketing metrics?

this question is also asked “how will you calculate the delivery rate of an email”

Ans. the simple formula to calculate

email matric number of emails delivered/number of emails sent

5. How to calculate the open rate of email marketing

The simple formula is

Open rate= (total unique open / total recipients)x100

6. What is bounce rate and what is the minimum percentage of bounce

In a very simple language, when you send an email to the recipient, the email is not delivered and you get a notification message from the server that your email is bounced due to ….. Reasons. 

The minimum bounce must not be more than 3%

7. What is the difference between an email sent and an email delivered

once you write an email and click the send icon.  the email is sent from your id to the server.

the server then further delivers your email to the inbox of the recipient or the destination is called the delivery.

In email marketing sending and delivering data helps marketers analyze and plan further strategies to reach their target customers.

8. What is the strategy to increase the subscriber list for email marketing?

this question is asked to find out from you if the company hires you as an Email marketing specialist, and how are you going to increase the subscriber list.

Following the best strategy to increase the subscriber list for email marketing

  • Subscription email to download a free eBook or a coupon
  • Create email content that is remarkable
  • Using social media for various offers
  • Use the company’s Facebook page to promote offers,
  • Lead generation links on the website with a subscription email with an offer.
  • Create an offline event in trade shows, community gatherings, and festival events to collect emails with discount coupons in email addresses

9. Name the different types of email marketing campaigns

  • Newsletter
  • Marketing offers
  • Announcements
  • Invitation for an event

10. What do you mean by open rate? And what is the good open rate?

When the recipient opens your received email, after receiving the mail if the recipient is open is considered as open. 

For example when the total number of emails sent is 10 and the number of e-mails opened by the recipient subscriber is 8, then the open rate is 80%.  However, the open rate may be different based on the subject.

11. What are click-through rates?

Click-through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks done on an advertisement.  But in the case of email, the number of received emails opened. You can calculate- received E-Mail / Total No. of delivered email.

12. What is the unsubscribe rate?

You can answer this question in very simple words.  “the number of subscribers of your list out of them those numbers who have selected or chosen not to further receive from you anymore.”

13. What do you know about CAN-SPAM Act?

 CAN-SPAM act is a set of rules set specially for email sending so that the customer or receiver of the email has the right to stop receiving further mail.

There is a very high penalty for violation of the act.  Before sending you must first have the consent.

14. How will you create your checklists before sending an email

Creating a checklist is a must for sending emails for marketing. My suggestion to answer this question is “Before sending an email this checklist will help you to prepare better. Your checklist before sending an email to your targeted customers:-

  • check your subject it must give an outline summary of the content
  • what is the main aim
  • what you expect from your recipient
  • if there are any files or coupons of documents to be attached before sending an email.

Prepare yourself by asking your own questions

Before attending your interview, read the job description thoroughly.  Now think of all the possible questions that come to your mind.  Note down all the questions.  Write relevant answers.  Then practice answering thoroughly.  This will give your confidence and prepare you to answer promptly.

Ask Questions after the Email marketing interview

Once your interview is over.  Hiring Manager may ask you “do you have any questions, you can ask now”

don’t hesitate, you may ask these questions below :

  • What type of job work or project you will be getting in the beginning?
  • What would be a successful long-term role for you?
  • How will you evaluate the performance and on what basis?

Wrap UP!

Start practicing to answer questions for your email marketing job interview.  Your daily practice will boost your confidence and as you walk in for the interview you will feel more confident.  Wishing you success in the interview!

I hope these questions with sample answers will help you in cracking the interview. for email marketing job.  Please share your comments and any other questions you want me to add to the above list.  

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is used to send information about products, and services through emails to generate sales. You can use email to create awareness, and share knowledge about your products with your ideal customer. Email marketing is gaining popularity as most customers click on subscription ads to avail free gifts offered by the advertiser.

What is an Email subscription?

Email subscription means when a user is willing to opt to receive information. Information may be related to products or services which a user wants to know more about. An advertiser offers a subscription form to collect emails so that to send relevant information, and updates, directly to the users’ email id, who has opt-in through the subscription form.

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