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Recently cbse unicef collaboration (Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in collaboration with UNICEF) has launched a portal on internet so that students can avail online career guidance and counselling at no cost career guidance and counselling. Students of 10th and 12th standard will get a massive health to get clarity in planning their professional career.

With the support Artificial Intelligence, now students can directly visit the cbse portal and use the career guidance services.

Idreamcareer, being the Trusted Partner for setting the career guidance platform.

CBSE Online Portal Career Guide

Now students’ parents can use this platform to get better career guidance and counselling.  This platform will help to better assess the students interest personality and the show the matching career choice results.

The main objective was to bring transformational development in children for a better, successful future.

Though in the beginning all the schools may appoint at least 2 to 3 teachers to learn using the career guidance and counselling online platform. 

How Career Guide can help students through CBSE UNICEF collaboration counselling

Career guidance and counselling will help students to pace their career.

Students who are searching for career after 12th will be able to access 560+ careers in English as well as Hindi and other languages.

Students will be able to access approximate 25000 collages and institutes so that they can plan their self-development skills.  Especially girls can gain knowledge and plan their career path.

You can visit the CBE career guidance and counselling portal on the official website

Why Career Guidance is important?

Career Guidance helps students, professionals and even parent to plan a better career path based on the individual personality. 

There are many professional, online software that help you to select your skills based on psychometric test, DMIT tests, personality test, and aptitude test. 

Career guidance is very important for students.  Students can plan their a better path to their goals based on their abilities, skills, interest. When a student take part in career guidance programme, he/she can plan and manage the link between educational with career.

These test are created using Artificial Intelligence to analyse and give result of various career options that can be a career guide sot that you can pursue for career success and career planning.

Purpose of Career Guidance | career guide

Career guide helps you to identify each individual skills, passion or ambition, interest and abilities.  This can be achieved by doing various online quizzes and tests

for example,

  • Myers-Briggs type Indicator (MBTI),
  • Kersey Temperament Sorter,
  • MAPP test  
  • And many more…

These quizzes and tests help students, professional, and even people who do mid-career job change to identify, discover and match the career to their skills, interest and abilities. 

Types of Career Guide Test

  • Intelligence Quotient test
  • Emotional Quotient test
  • Adversity Quotient test
  • Creativity Quotient test
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Personality test
  • Multiple Intelligence test
  • Psychometric Test


with the collaboration among cbse unisef collaboration helps students to choose a better career path based on their personality. Career Choice is a life choice, so take it seriously.

You can visit the CBSE career guidance and counselling portal on the official website

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