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A career in sales is one of the most lucrative job in the world. Once you become a master in sales, you can fulfil all your dreams. Sales is one of the most rewarding career. But there are many challenges also associated with sales. In this blog I will guide you how to start a career in sales.

Overcoming fear of rejection in sales

Sales manager key job responsibilities includes selling the products, or services or any type of goods. if you the one who likes to face challenges, then this is the job of your choice. As you are prepared to face the challenge of daily sales target or a monthly sales target. Now a days some companies give daily sales target rather than monthly sales target.

Sales target depends upon the supply and demand of the product. as in some are most of the customer may have high demand of a particular product than in other region. You must have a tough skin to meet the sales target. You must meet many people to meet your sales target. some may ignore you and some listen to you and shut the door on your face. but you need not to take rejection personally.

many times you face a situation where people reject you on your face. it could be that they don’t need the product you are selling or may be they don’t have money to buy your product. you must learn to move on swiftly.

Your determination as a sales manager

you must determine to sell your products. To increase sales, you need to knock the doors daily. since sales is very competitive by nature you must have good level of endurance to survive in sales. that’s why very few in sales.

Sales manager spends most of the time outdoor

The best part about sales is you are always moving outdoors. Not sitting in chair to spend your time glued to a computer in an office the whole day. You will acquire many opportunities to travel and interact with people from all walks of life. Most of your time spent generating leads.

Career as sales manager may earn as much as you wish

Most of the sales jobs is on commission. You will get higher commission when you sale more number of  products.


A very famous phrase, “He can sell ice to Eskimo”

There is another phase in India “a best sales man can sell comb to bald”

To become a best sales manager you must have persuasion skills that you can sell anything to the customer even if it is not needed.

The best sales Manager always help his  fellow salesmen to gain success. Sales department has a team of sales person and they always work as a team. Moreover, all sales team are being trained by top notch sales trainer, who are industry specific experts.  Now a days many companies started skill development programme for their sales team to increase sales.

Persuation skills each sales manager must have

All sales person have this soft skills to persuade their customers.  When a sales person demonstrates his products to the customer with a focus to create a need even though the product may not be necessary for the customer.

Sales Manager Leadership Skills

If you want to become top notch sales manager, then you must learn to lead your audience. If you have leadership skills, then you can gain anybody’s trust, and become a great sales manager. Leaders are always go getters and take actionable steps to lead their team for success.

Be Humble in nature

Always be humble with every one whom you meet in your life. I have some sales person are little arrogant in their approach.  May be because of too many rejection makes them arrogant only while dealing with the customers.  But they should understand one thing that most of the time customers don’t have money to buy, that may lead to rejection.

To be a best sales person, you must think from the customers point of view.  Ask question to yourself as a customer, “ why should I buy this product”,

Customer is the king.  So you must always build a humble habit of listening to your customers. Sometimes your humble approach  also convert into sales.

You should respect each and every customers when you demonstrate your product. Always listen to your customer questions, doubts.  Discuss with them, share your point of view and make it as simple so that customers must be very clear to understand and absorb your information.

 Communication skills

A good sales person always communicate, so that each and every customer understands and easily absorb all the information. 

Make your explanation simple and easy.  Our Hon’ble president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam always used simple words in his speech.

Gain knowledge by learning new methods in sales

To increase your sales knowledge, you must read journals, books and magazines related to sales.  Once you develop the habit of reading, you will gain more knowledge and innovative sales ideas to implement to achieve your sales target. You may also like to read information about these website for career analysis.

Wrap Up!

A best sales manager always increase his knowledge, implement various innovative techniques to build and grow his sales.  Over the years, career in sales will earn you lot of experience, reputation and you will become a role model and a mentor for the younger sales managers!

  1. Frequently Asked Questions!

    Q1. Why sales job is a good career?

    Sales job help you to develop leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and the most important communication skills. Sales job will make you a good personality. Improves communication skills and also problem solving skills.

  2. Q2. Is career in sales, make you rich?

    According to PayScale, the average salary of an Sales Professional is $67,000 a year. A skilled sales manager are high in demand, if you are developed good command on communication skills, people skills, and problem solving skills, then sky is the limit.

  3. Q3. Do I get high earning sales job?

    Sales Professionals can get high commissions for the sale of the product or services they sale for their company/organizations. Most companies in India hire sales professional based on their skills and they are highest paid employees.

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