Career in fashion industry

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Are you the one who is passionate about fashion, creating designs, sketch drawing concepts for clothes. A career in fashion industry will make you achieve your dreams. Then this is the career for you.  A career in Fashion Design Industry opens opportunities across the world.  A career in the Fashion industry is one of the lucrative career options. 

Fashion industry has various career job role Designation

Sales Associate

Job responsibilities of a Sales Associate consist of

  • Customers management and help customer selecting the product.
  • Maintain display of products in appropriate shelves.
  • Help customer selecting the right product.  Speak with warm tone with the customer.


Job responsibilities include

  • Display of products at appropriate locations or stores.
  • Partner with designers for designing product styles.
  • Can suggest changes in the styles.

Public Relation Expert

  • Coordinate with marketing and sales team for creating customer awareness for the products.
  • Coordinate with marketing for planning and implementation of events and promotional activities.
  • Connect with social media for brand promotion.
  • Handling queries

Fashion Designer

  •  Create new designs and styles.
  • Selecting fabrics and colors
  • Sketching or finalise new design with the stylist or graphic design developer.

Graphic designer

  • Create new designs as per the fashion designer recommendation
  • Create graphics with appropriate colour combination.
  • Efficient in using software like CAD,

Fashion designer skills required to become successful

Creative thinking

  • As a fashion designer, you must be able to continuously create new concepts to stand out with your designing.  You must think out of the box to bring a concept of clothing that are original.

Style sense for fashion design

once you complete your degree in fashion designing.  You will be able to create a sense of design.  So it is most important that you undergo an internship to strengthen your skills.  Practical exposure to work will inculcate fashion design skills.

  • For example: you will develop a fashion design sense in selecting perfect fabrics and colour tones that resonate with the fabrics.  This is quite a talent that comes by experience and work exposure or working with professional designers.
  • Working in a team: – As team player, you are one of the member and you have to collaborate with each team player.  Since lot of the task involved with the fashion designing.  Being a professional fashion designer, you have continuously communicate with your fellow team player like to get the task completed on time or before time.
  • Trending fashion awareness:-  fashion industry is very dynamic in nature. The designs keep on changing often.  You must always come up with new ideas, create trending ideas into design. 
  • Able for visualize: your visual ability helps you in creating new designs.  So once you are aware of trending styles, you will be able to visualise better.
  • Knowledge of Designing software:-  you must learn the relevant computer softwares  application that helps to create a better design in short time.  Software like CAD (computer aided Design) photo shop, Adobe illustrator and many other software used in the fashion industry.

Conclusion:- The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative and demanding these days.  You may suggest more job opportunities as a fashion designer in the fashion industry. 

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