About Me!

sanjay rai sharma
Sanjay Rai Sharma


My name is Sanjay Rai Sharma,  

I’ve been in Marketing since 2008. Before marketing I earn industry experience in automobile industry, printing, fitness industry.

Now I’m a freelance trainer. I love my work. Outside work, you can catch me riding bi-cycle or on my moto bike, and practicing new skills on internet.

I truly believe that there is no higher purpose than contributing what has been learnt over the years.

This inspires me to become a trainer and a career guide to train you in Communications skills, sales training, leadership Programs for better future, for Academics, corporate and educational institutions.

 I love to do things that make me to challenge myself.  I am 48 years old from out but from inside I am in early 20’s down deep! 

In this blog

Interview Questions & Answers : This category have all the posts related to interview preparation. General questions and sample answers so that you can prepare yourself better for the interview. You will also find niche specific posts questions and answers.

Career Planning : In this section you will all the posts related to various career stream. Selection of career is most important for individual success.
professionals often choose a career for which they are not passionate about.
career planning helps you gain clarity in choosing the best professional matching to your passion!

Digital Marketing: Information related to digital marketing, search engine optimization, keyword research, affiliate marketing. You will gain all knowledge about online earnings. Many tips for earning online money. You will also gain lot of information about methods to do SEO, keyword research.

I also share through various posts about creating high DA backlinks. How to do guest posting, and many more information related to off page seo, on page seo, link building.

Since most of us do affiliate marketing by promoting product link by using refer and earn method. there are many other ways to earn money online. Once you dig into the blog posts your will discover. You may click here to reach directly to the post.