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In this blog post I sharing 5 step guide for freshers that will serve as a guide for the aspiring young professionals to prepare themselves in their future endeavors. You must lay a strong foundation for success that depends upon to start. 

Remember, you are starting your career. You need to gain more experience on social etiquettes, communication, upskill yourself to match industry requirements.

this blog post is a guide for fresher, whether you start with an internship or with an job. These 5 steps guide for fresher will help to craft a better career and lay a strong professional foundation.


There is a saying, “Your Attitude Determines your Altitude”, so be ready and prepare your mind for any opportunities that comes your way.  Grasp the opportunity learn the skills soon you will see yourself rising in the corporate ladder. Being a fresher, your attitude towards work should more on learning new skills, gain knowledge about the work process, get involved with various teams. 

As you get your self involved in various tasks given by your seniors,  soon you will see that you have more knowledge, team dynamics and work process handing capabilities inculcated within you.  These capabilities are skills which will further help you in crafting you ideal career of your choice and a better path to your goals.

Ask Questions

Albert Einstien wrightly said ““The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing,”

A learners mind is always curious and have questions.  Therefore, ask questions that will help you gain knowledge and better understanding and also shows that your intelligent. 


Professionalism means, your formal clothing, well groomed, personal hygiene,  etiquettes. 

Listening is the key to effective communication, so, listen carefully, pay attention, respond actively as and when required.  Don’t indulge in loose talk at work place.


Think and plan your career path for your future.  You must be very clear about your goals, a successful path to your goals.  For that you have to think and play today.  Take a note book and write down all the relevant information, ideas, skills, you may need to reach to your goals. Self improvement is the key for a successful career


Always take feed back from your seniors. Feedback will help you enhance your skills, performance.  You must remember that you has just started your career and this is the time when you can shape yourself better in terms of performance, skills,etc. therefore evaluate yourself from your seniors, your immediate Manager and look into the areas of improvement.


this focus on learning new skills, evaluate your performance gain experience and create a better path to your goals.

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