4 step career Guide

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Not sure what to do! 4 steps to select a career guide!

Cyber world is filled with lot of information.  As you start searching over the internet you will get many options.

Main point of view is how to choose a career path that is inline with your interests, skills.

Question yourself about your career guidance with these

  1. What are you good in (any skill, task you do with perfection effortlessly)
  2. Give a thought to yourself “who are you”
  3. Any particular subject that you enjoy in school
  4. What are those subjects in which you excel?
  5. Take self-assessment activities to find out more about your  personality, strengths.
  6. Take a oneline career test (many website with free test)
  7. You can also do SWOT analysis of yourself
  8. Create a task list or skill list you want
  9. Create long term and short term goals
  10. Always remember one thing, your interest and how you build new skills, around it.
  11. Take internship on skills you already have.

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