16 steps to write a resume that get shortlisted

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Today, I am going to share with you, a short 16 steps to write a resume that get shortlisted. Getting your resume selected is the first step towards selection.  Prepare your resume better to stand out from the crowd. these 16 steps will be a guide for you to write a resume that gets shortlisted during the resume shortlisting process.

All job portals like naukri.com, shine.com, and monster.com have a particular resume shortlisting software. Therefore you must prepare your resume that get shortlisted during the resume shortlisting process. 

A recruiter will shortlist a resume that is well written, matching the job description, skills set.

Some quick tips that will help you in getting your resume shortlisted in the recruitment process.

  1. Thoroughly read the job description.  If possible, include some of the keywords in your resume.
  2. Don’t rush yourself by quickly sending the resume to be the earliest applicant.
  3. Check these key points before sending your resume
    • That you meet the required qualification for the job.
    • Your eligibility criteria mentioned by the recruiter.
    • key skillset matches the job requirement
  4. As every job has different criteria for the vacant position.  You must first check the job description.  Prepare a new resume for each job you want to apply for or customize accordingly. Furthermore, organizations also want to hire a candidate so that he/she can build his career.
  5. Each job has a different requirement, different job description. So what you should do is, select some words from the job description and customize your resume.  This will make your resume more relevant to the Naukri job you are applying for.  Your resume’s possibility of getting a shortlist will also increase.
  6. You must highlight your qualification, skills.  This will add value to your resume so as to get shortlisted while segregating from the resume bundle. Therefore, implementing relevant skills, qualifications matching the job description.
  7. Mostly the recruiter will find easy to shortlist the appropriate candidate if the key skills, qualification are highlighted.
  8. If you are pursuing any course or certification to upgrade your skills, mention the details and relevant information. 
  9. Point your accomplishments. This will help the recruiters to know your potential.  Try to highlight your achievements also.
  10. Check the grammar.  You can also do that by using online software like Grammarly.
  11. Also, check if there is any typing error or any word misspelled. 
  12.   Mention only the relevant information in your resume.  In this way, you will be able to craft informative, professional, relevant details for the vacant job position.
  13. Before submitting the resume try to proofread and check for any errors, rectify them immediately.
  14. Keep the alignment of the text properly.
  15. Do the formatting of text professionally so that the text can be easily readable.
  16. When you write a resume try to use fonts that are clearly visible and easy to read. You can use fonts like “Arial”, “Verdana”, etc. One thing you must do is to keep the font size between 12 to14 points.

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These are some of the effective tips to write a resume, which I think will help you in crafting your resume so that you resume get in the shortlisting process. 

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